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In ​xabet we go with you along the whole digital transformation process.



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DMI / Digital maturity index

Digital Maturity Evaluation

In every single process it is necessary to know what the starting point is. Digital Maturity diagnosis will show you the balance between the three transformation pillars: STRATEGY, CULTURE and TECHNOLOGY.

DR / Digital Race

Personalised roadmap towards digital transformation

Once we detect the starting point we define the personalised roadmap in the escalation towards digital transformation.

The roadmap contains the necessary stages to earn internal efficiency, generate complementary services, devise new services that will impress the client until they can even think of new business model scenarios.

DP / Digital Platform

Design and implementation of the digital platform

A digital environment so that you can check your customer’s information simply, accessing all the data in just one only point, integrating all your sources of information.

A faster working environment with clearer data for a more intelligent decision-making process.

We face company challenges with our X-Dwall platform modules. 


This is what we are like in​ xabet:


Our dream is to achieve a competitive and digital business environment. With effort, passion and a bit of love we give life to your company.

Fancy meeting us?

Oihana Mendizabal
Transformation director –
Digital Impeller

She has a wide experience transforming companies in OEE improvements and building innovative culture.

Alberto Conde
CEO and Co-founder –
Digital Influencer

Maintenance and digital area expert with a European well-known career.

Xabier Etxeberria
Business Director and Co-founder –
Business Influencer

International executive with a wide and recognised experience.

The team has more than a decade experience in digital business worldwide.
Multidisciplinary profiles which gear perfectly to accomplish all the transformation challenges.

Partner Community

We are aware that the transformation path can be very diverse, encountering a wide range of challenges and particularities for each company, occasionally out of our competencies. It´s not enough about knowing a bit more than your customer, deep knowledge in the subject is required to provide added value. Due to this xabet’s Partner Community platform is born, where we will surround by professionals, expert advisors in their fields, who work with us in specific subjects and tools, in order to stay current in areas that will be key in our work. Having these community of experts and advisors will allow us to be better.
Jorge Campanillas
Iurismática Abogados / Eventosjurí

Legal technology expert

Fran Chuan
Dícere Global / InnoQuotient

Culture of Innovation expert

Jose Manuel García Gavilán
Google Cloud

Technology expert

Feel like joining us?


We believe in people, in the authentic ones, in those who stay by your side, in the good and bad moments. We assume individual mistakes as team ones and we celebrate success within the team as well. We do not believe in relationships built on hierarchy. Leadership is a cultivated art which is acquired from the rest of the team because of our work and our attitude, it is never forced.

This is how we organise ourselves in ​xabet​, we live with greatly talented people, without hierarchies. We believe in a transparent, family-like working environment where having fun is nearly compulsory. Having fun at work inspires happiness and it is contagious. Our happiness is felt by our clients with whom we build our compromise towards a better future.

It is the simplest formula we know to accomplish the challenges we deal with, technological challenges which are handy for just a few and which require the values that rule our daily lives. We do not tend to complicate ourselves, quite the opposite, we are direct and simple, we like to go straight to the point. Thanks to all this, we are also profitable.

Present offers

Product Owner

We are looking for a product owner to ensure a proper development, unity and quality of X-Dwall. One of the mais tasks will be to define the roadmap and the […]

Health Data Lover

We are looking for people who can help us with health data analysis: lifestyle, nutritional, activity… in order to increase our predictive capacity and improve the treatment personalization for chronically […]

Renewable Product Developer Hero

We are looking for professionals who want to be involved in the construction of modules for X-Dwall platform in order to meet the needs of our customers. We work with […]

Project Manager (no longer available)

New projects are coming and our team needs to grow in capacity. We have hours and hours of work ahead, which will involve adaptation, reflection, long workdays at times …. […]


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